Sat. Jun 15th, 2024
Beer Companies That Are Not Woke: A Closer Look

In recent years, the concept of being “woke” has permeated various industries, including the beer industry. Wokeness refers to a heightened awareness of social issues and a commitment to social justice. However, not all beer companies have embraced this trend. Some breweries have chosen to distance themselves from the woke movement, opting for a more traditional approach to their marketing and messaging. In this article, we will explore the rise of beer companies that are not woke and examine the reasons behind their decision.

The Backlash Against Woke Beer Ads

One of the key catalysts for the emergence of beer companies that are not woke was the backlash against certain advertisements. For instance, Miller Lite faced significant criticism for its “woke” ad honoring women, which sparked a boycott from Bud Light supporters. Critics argued that the ad was pandering and insincere, using social issues as a marketing tool. This controversy highlighted a growing divide between consumers who appreciate socially conscious advertising and those who view it as virtue signaling.

The Birth of Anti-Woke Beer Companies

In response to the backlash against woke beer ads, some breweries decided to take a different approach. One such example is an “anti-woke” beer company that partnered with Riley Gaines to launch the “Real Women of America” calendar. This collaboration aimed to celebrate traditional values and portray women in a way that resonates with a specific demographic. By aligning themselves with conservative ideals, these breweries sought to differentiate themselves from their woke counterparts and appeal to a niche market.

The Ultra Right Beer Controversy

While some beer companies have successfully positioned themselves as anti-woke, others have faced challenges. The creation of “Ultra Right” beer following Bud Light’s partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney caused significant controversy. Critics argued that the beer perpetuated divisive ideologies and promoted exclusionary values. The incident highlighted the fine line that breweries must tread when attempting to distance themselves from wokeness without alienating potential customers.

The Debate Surrounding Anti-Woke Beer

The emergence of beer companies that are not woke has sparked a broader debate within the industry. Supporters argue that these breweries are simply catering to a different consumer base and providing an alternative to the prevailing woke culture. They believe that beer should be enjoyed without the intrusion of political or social agendas. On the other hand, critics argue that by distancing themselves from wokeness, these breweries are perpetuating outdated norms and failing to address important social issues.


The rise of beer companies that are not woke reflects a growing divide within the industry. While some consumers appreciate socially conscious advertising, others view it as insincere and pandering. The backlash against woke beer ads has led to the emergence of breweries that seek to appeal to a more traditional demographic. However, this shift has not been without controversy, as some beer companies have faced criticism for promoting exclusionary values. Ultimately, the debate surrounding woke beer highlights the complex relationship between marketing, social issues, and consumer preferences.

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