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Discontinued Models

Vermont Castings, a renowned manufacturer of stoves and fireplaces, has a rich history of producing high-quality products. Over the years, they have introduced various models that have gained popularity among homeowners. However, like any other company, Vermont Castings has also discontinued certain models from their product line. In this article, we will explore some of the discontinued models from Vermont Castings and discuss their features and reasons for discontinuation.

Discontinued Models

1. Vigilant

The Vigilant model was one of the early offerings from Vermont Castings . It was a wood-burning stove known for its efficiency and durability. The Vigilant featured a large firebox and a unique air control system that allowed users to regulate the burn rate easily. This model was popular among homeowners who valued both functionality and aesthetics. However, as newer models were introduced with advanced features and improved efficiency, the Vigilant was eventually discontinued.

2. Resolute

Another notable discontinued model from Vermont Castings is the Resolute . This wood-burning stove was highly regarded for its classic design and excellent heating capabilities. The Resolute featured a cast iron construction that provided exceptional heat retention and distribution. It also had a large glass door that allowed users to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the fire. Despite its popularity, the Resolute was phased out as Vermont Castings focused on introducing more modern and technologically advanced models.

3. Intrepid

The Intrepid was a compact wood-burning stove that offered efficient heating in smaller spaces. It was designed to provide warmth and comfort while consuming less wood. The Intrepid featured a unique air wash system that kept the glass door clean and clear, allowing users to enjoy an unobstructed view of the fire. Although the Intrepid was favored by those with limited space, it was eventually discontinued as Vermont Castings shifted their focus towards larger and more versatile models.

4. Fireplace Insert

Vermont Castings also discontinued their Fireplace Insert model, which was designed to fit into existing fireplaces . This model allowed homeowners to convert their traditional masonry fireplaces into efficient heating sources. The Fireplace Insert featured a powerful blower that distributed heat throughout the room, providing a cozy and warm ambiance. However, as the demand for freestanding stoves increased, Vermont Castings decided to discontinue this model and focus on their standalone stove offerings.


Vermont Castings has a long history of producing high-quality stoves and fireplaces. While they have introduced numerous successful models over the years, some have been discontinued to make way for newer and more advanced offerings. The Vigilant, Resolute, Intrepid, and Fireplace Insert are just a few examples of the discontinued models from Vermont Castings. Despite their discontinuation, these models have left a lasting impression on homeowners who appreciated their efficiency, durability, and classic design.

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